Frequently Asked Questions

Can silver get tarnished or oxidized?

The storage for a long period of time produces a tarnish on the silver jewel. The contact with materials such as rubber is also a cause of tarnish.

Ingesting a medication that produces a change in the pH of the skin can also cause the silver jewel to lose its shine.

How to avoid the tarnish of silver jewelry?

The tarnish in silver jewelry is a product of oxidation, caused by the interaction of the silver jewel with certain elements such as oxygen or sulfur as well as certain acids.

How to maintain silver jewelry?

Keeping silver jewelry bright and beautiful is is not very complicated.Here are some very useful tips to take care of your jewel:

  • Store your silver jewel in a cool, dry place that is preferably airtight, to avoid oxidation.
  • Do not expose the jewel to corrosive agents such as: chlorine, grease, sweat, perfume, alkaline agents, or salinity for long periods of time.
  • Avoid direct exposure of the silver garment to artificial light or sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Do not store it directly in contact with wood, it often contains acids that can affect the surface of the silver.
  • Clean the jewelry relatively often to maintain its shine and beauty. Do not use toothpaste as it is abrasive. All jewelery can be cleaned safely if it is immersed for ten minutes in warm soapy water (do not use a detergent soap). It can be carved with a soft brush to remove dirt. Finally, dry the garment very well, on an absorbent cloth with a warm dryer.
  • Ulilize preferably cloths to polish silver garments and a special liquid silver jewelry cleaner for your purpose. To clean the silver jewel with a suitable cloth, gently rub the surface of your item with the cloth to instantly obtain a brilliant shine. Warning: Do not wash the cloth and the garment must be completely dry before using it.

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