Our Story

Women of all cultures have been making a difference in the world in every field across all time. It is not just a media trend. We are inspired by Tia Ciata, a creative force and a caring woman of many strengths. Our collections and designs celebrate feminine values and real-life women with jewelry that reflects purity, simplicity, beauty and the elegance of nature.


Tia Ciata: Argentine Jewelers

Argentina, known as the “river of silver,” is home to nature's most pure silver. Tia Ciata searches for unique exotic jewelry designs that reflect feminine strength, confidence, self-love, identity and personality. We want to spread the beauty of Argentine silver and boost the work of these little-known artisans. 


Tia Ciata: Feminine Strength

One of a kind jewelry collections inspired by real-life women across cultures and time.


Tia Ciata: True Beauty

We believe women should be able to show who they are and manifest their true beauty in ways that have nothing to do with outside stereotypes or preconceived notions. Our passion is to find jewelry that will help you feel a profound sense of liberation as it becomes an extension of your natural beauty. It helps complete the natural you.